Family of Alfred ORAM and Rose Ann TYLER

Husband: Alfred ORAM (1846- )
Wife: Rose Ann TYLER (1847-1906)
Children: Rose ORAM (1875- )
Emma ORAM (1876- )
Alfred ORAM (1877- )
Edith ORAM (1878- )
Marriage 1874 (app)

Husband: Alfred ORAM

Name: Alfred ORAM1
Sex: Male
Father: James ORAM (aft1812-1894)
Mother: Caroline TREMBLEN (1820?-1868)
Birth 1846 Edington, Wiltshire
Christening 26 Mar 1847 (age 0-1) Edington, Wiltshire
Occupation Coachman / Agricultural Labourer

Wife: Rose Ann TYLER

Name: Rose Ann TYLER2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 Urchfont, Wiltshire
Christening 1847 (age 0) Urchfont, Wiltshire
Death 14 Jul 1906 (age 58-59) Hanover Square (St.George), London

Child 1: Rose ORAM

Name: Rose ORAM2
Sex: Female
Birth Sep 1875 Hanover Square (St.George), London

Child 2: Emma ORAM

Name: Emma ORAM2
Sex: Female
Birth 1876 Hanover Square (St.George), London
Christening Dec 1876 (age 0) Hanover Square (St.George), London

Child 3: Alfred ORAM

Name: Alfred ORAM2
Sex: Male
Birth 1877 Hanover Square (St.George), London
Christening Sep 1877 (age 0) Hanover Square (St.George), London

Child 4: Edith ORAM

Name: Edith ORAM2
Sex: Female
Birth 1878 Hanover Square (St.George), London
Christening Dec 1878 (age 0) Hanover Square (St.George), London

Note on Husband: Alfred ORAM

In 1851 he was living in Edington, Wiltshire with his parents and 3 sisters and a brother. He was 6 years old.

In 1861 he was living in Lower Street, Edington, Wiltshire with his parents, 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He was 15 years and an Agricultural Labourer.

In 1871 he was living at Erlestoke Park, Erlestoke, Wiltshire, the home of Simon Watson Taylor, aged 60, Landowner and Deputy Justice of the Peace from St.James, Piccadilly, London and his wife The Right Honourable Hannah Charfolk(?) Taylor, aged 62 from Haddingtonshire(?), Scotland. With them were their 6 sons and 3 daughters - Susan aged 24, Charlotte 23, Mary 19, Arthur 18, Violet and Rose (twins) 15, John 13, William 11 and Victoria 10. All unmarried and from London.

Alfred Oram was one of their Stable Helpers, aged 25 and unmarried. Their other servants were -

Rodney Saunders aged 35, married, Butler from Nether Stowey, Somerset.

Alfred Pitts aged 29, unmarried, Under Butler from Sidmouth, Devon.

Walter Horton, aged 24, unmarried, Footman from Cambridge.

James Henderson, aged 21, unmarried, Footman from Hawick, Northumberland.

Henry Goddard aged 21, unmarried, Stable Helper from Market Lavington, Wiltshire.

Mary Ann Drynan aged 35, unmarried, Housekeeper from Broadstairs, Kent.

Pheenic Morris aged 26, unmarried, Cook from Yorkhill, Herefordshire.

Louisa Dimmock aged 24, unmarried, Ladys Maid from Pyrton, Oxfordshire.

Lavina Bartlett aged 26, unmarried, Ladys Maid from Ensbury, Bournemouth.

Ellen Bates, aged 29, unmarried, Head Housemaid from Newark, Sussex.

Elizabeth Bennett aged 25, unmarried, Housemaid from Bermondsey, London.

Anna Potter aged 24(?), unmarried, Housemaid from Erlestoke, Wiltshire.

Emma Newton aged 26, unmarried, Housemaid from Colsterworth, Lincolnshire.

Maria Rufsell aged 25, unmarried, Stillroom Maid from Edinburgh.

Elizabeth Hill aged 24, unmarried, Kitchen Maid from Deddington, Oxfordshire.

Mary Ann Hall aged 21, unmarried, Scullery Maid from Chichester, Sussex.

Mary Stone aged 19, unmarried, Dairy Maid from Urchfont, Wiltshire.

Their visitor on the day of the census was Sarah Drynan, aged 24, of independant means, from Broadstairs, Kent.

In 1881 he was living at 4 Milton Mews, Belgrave, London with his wife, 3 daughters and a son. He was 36 years old and a Coachman. Also living with them was Edna Oram, Alfred's sister. She was 22 years old and a Domestic Servant.

In 1901 he was living on the estate of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, the home of Thomas F. Halsey, aged 61, Privy Councillor and Member of Parliament. The estate included a village for those working there, including a pub, The Crown & Sceptre. Alfred lived in rooms over the Stables. He was 52 years old, married and a Coachman. Sharing the accommodation was Thomas B. Purr aged 36, unmarried, a Groom from Ireland.

Note on Wife: Rose Ann TYLER

In 1851 she was living in Urchfont, Wiltshire with her father (a widower) and 4 brothers. She was 8 years old.

In 1861 she was living at 34 Richmond Terracem Clapham Road, Lambethm London, the home of John C. Hale, aged 48, a Surveyor and Draftsman from Portsea, Hampshire and his wife Josephine aged 29 also from Portsea and their 4 sons and 2 daughters. Rose Tyler was 19 years old, unmarried and their Domestic Servant. Visiting them on the day of the census was Margaret Stokes aged 25, unmarried, a Governess from Portsea, Hampshire.

In 1881 she was living at 4 Milton Mews, Belgrave, London with her husband, 3 daughters and a son. She was 34 years old. Also living with them was Edna Oram, Alfred's sister. She was 22 years old and a Domestic Servant.3


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