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Family of William George ORAM and Charlene

Husband: William George ORAM (1966- )
Wife: Charlene <ORAM> (1966?- )
Children: Jushua ORAM (1993- )
Marriage 1991 (app) South Africa

Husband: William George ORAM

Name: William George ORAM1
Sex: Male
Father: Henry ORAM (1914-1955)
Mother: -
Birth 29 Mar 1966 South Africa

Wife: Charlene <ORAM>

Name: Charlene <ORAM>1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1966 (app)

Child 1: Jushua ORAM

Name: Jushua ORAM1
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Dec 1993 South Africa


1"Kenneth Oram".