Family of Sidney Walter SUMNER and Harriet LADD

Husband: Sidney Walter SUMNER (1865- )
Wife: Harriet LADD (1862- )
Children: Ada SUMNER (1887- )
Percy Walter SUMNER (1888- )
John Arthur SUMNER (1889- )
Herbert SUMNER (1890- )
Marriage Q3 1886 Erlestoke, Wiltshire

Husband: Sidney Walter SUMNER

Name: Sidney Walter SUMNER1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q1 1865 Worton, Wiltshire
Occupation Blacksmith2

Wife: Harriet LADD

Name: Harriet LADD1,3
Sex: Female
Father: James LADD (1822-1901)
Mother: Harriet <LADD> (1821- )
Birth 1862 Erlestoke, Wiltshire3

Child 1: Ada SUMNER

Name: Ada SUMNER1
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Mar 1887 Erlestoke, Wiltshire

Child 2: Percy Walter SUMNER

Name: Percy Walter SUMNER2
Sex: Male
Birth 27 May 1888 Erlestoke, Wiltshire1

Child 3: John Arthur SUMNER

Name: John Arthur SUMNER2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy M. GODDARD ( - )
Birth 8 Sep 1889 Erlestoke, Wiltshire1

Child 4: Herbert SUMNER

Name: Herbert SUMNER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nellie HEATH ( - )
Birth 1890 Erlestoke, Wiltshire

Note on Husband: Sidney Walter SUMNER

In 1871 he was living in Erlestoke with his parents and 5 brothers. He was 6 years old and a Scholar.

In 1881 he wasliving in Earlstoke, Wiltshire with his parents, a sister and a brother. He was 16 years old, unmarried and a Blacksmith.

In 1891 he was living at 'Forge & Cottage', Worton with his father (a widower), his wife Harriett and their children Ada, Percy and John. Sidney was 26 years old and a Blacksmith.

In 1901 he was living at Chapel Corner, Avebury, Wiltshire with his wife and sons Percy, John and Herbert. He is a Blacksmith.

Note on Wife: Harriet LADD

In 1891 she was living at 'Forge & Cottage', Worton with her father-in-law John Sumner (a widower), her husband Sidney and their children Ada, Percy and John. She was 28 years old.

In 1901 she was living at Chapel Corner, Avebury, Wiltshire with her husband and 3 sons. She was 38 years old.


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