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Family of Thomas BRUGES and Mary Ann Tiley ORAM

Husband: Thomas BRUGES (1811-1890)
Wife: Mary Ann Tiley ORAM (1821-1881)
Children: William BRUGES (1846-1922)
Edward Charles BRUGES (1847-1922)
Thomas BRUGES (1850-1888)
Francis Henry BRUGES (1851-1932)
Helen Agnes BRUGES (1853-1922)
Charles Ernest BRUGES (1858-1929)
Marriage 12 Sep 1843 Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire

Husband: Thomas BRUGES


Thomas BRUGES, Thomas Bruges

Name: Thomas BRUGES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1811
Death 1890 (age 78-79) Semington, Wiltshire

Wife: Mary Ann Tiley ORAM

Name: Mary Ann Tiley ORAM
Sex: Female
Father: George ORAM (1790-1823)
Mother: Sarah TILEY (1792-1860)
Birth 1821 Edington, Wiltshire
Death 6 May 1881 (age 59-60)

Child 1: William BRUGES


William BRUGES, William Bruges

Name: William BRUGES1
Sex: Male
Birth 1846 Semington, Wiltshire1
Occupation Farmer
Death 1922 (age 75-76) Semington, Wiltshire1

Child 2: Edward Charles BRUGES


Edward Charles BRUGES, Edward Bruges


Spouse: Mary Jane PARSONS, Mary Jane Parsons

Name: Edward Charles BRUGES1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Jane PARSONS (1843-1924)
Birth 1847 New Cumnock1
Occupation Sheep Farmer, New Cumnock
Death 1922 (age 74-75)1

Child 3: Thomas BRUGES

Name: Thomas BRUGES1
Sex: Male
Birth 18501
Death 1888 (age 37-38)1

Child 4: Francis Henry BRUGES


Francis Henry BRUGES, Francis Henry Bruges

Name: Francis Henry BRUGES1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida DAVIS (1862-1946)
Birth 1851 New Zealand1
Occupation Lawyer
Death 1932 (age 80-81)1

Child 5: Helen Agnes BRUGES

Name: Helen Agnes BRUGES1
Sex: Female
Spouse: H. O. FISHER (1845-1915)
Birth 18531
Death 1922 (age 68-69)1

Child 6: Charles Ernest BRUGES


Charles Ernest BRUGES, Charles Ernest Bruges


Spouse: Margaret Mary LONG, Margaret Mary Long

Name: Charles Ernest BRUGES1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Mary LONG (1867-1955)
Birth 6 Aug 1858 Semington, Wiltshire1
Occupation Civil Engineer1
Death 8 Nov 1929 (age 71) Semington, Wiltshire1


1"Bill Stuart-Bruges".